Introducing The Abyss Bridges by Dovpo X Suicide Mods

    These interchangeable bridge adaptors can be installed in the Abyss Tank to make your device compatible with a range of popular coils,

    The PnP Bridge is available in two colours black and stainless steel, as there is a lot of material on show on the bridge Dovpo and Suicide mods decided to make it available in another colour as not to compromise on the overall aesthetics of the device itself. 

    When purchasing the Bridge Packs, these consist of all standard coil bridges you also have the option between black and stainless steel, the colour will only reflect on the PnP Bridges as all other bridges are stainless steel,


    • PnP/GTX : To be used with PnP VM and TM Series or GTX Coils
    • Caliburn G: To be used with the Uwell Caliburn G Coils
    • Nord: For use with smok Nord Coils