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The iTaste 134 Mini is a microprocessor-controlled variable wattage vaping device.See description below that includes an independent video review of the iTaste 134. Bespoke Crystallised Innokin iTaste 134 Mini (New) In collaboration with Crystal Rocked, Best4ecigs now bring you the popular Innokin iTaste 134 Mini as a high end crystallised device, completely hand finished with genuine swarovski crystals.

Please note, with any bespoke crystallised products the normal warranty period does not apply The all new Innokin iTaste Mini 134 Starter Kit is the smaller version of the Innokin iTaste 134. It is a combination of innovative features and intelligent design. A smaller, more compact size with the same great flavour and vapour production.The iTaste 134 is a microprocessor-controlled variable wattage vaping device that can be adjusted from 6.5-12.5w. Please note: this product does not come with a charger or batteries. These can be purchased separately. We recommend you purchase all batteries for your products from Best4ecigs. This requires 18650 High Drain (flat top) Batteries, without protection. Certificate of Authenticity & Warranty Disclaimer for all Bespoke Electronic Cigarette Products Each luxury product is hand crafted to order and assembled by Crystal Rocked in London, England, to the highest quality control. All of our gold items are plated in 24ct gold and crystals used are the highest grade Swarovski Elements

This product comes with a 28-day guarantee for defects that have occurred in materials or workmanship. The guarantee does not cover accidental damage, abuse or misuse of the product. Due to the bespoke customisation of this product your normal warranty will no longer apply. However, should there be a product fault within the normal 30 day warranty period, which cannot be resolved, Best4ecigs will provide you with a non-crystallised replacement or if not available value refund to the price of the standard non-crystallised product. Main Features: The iTaste 134 Mini is a variable wattage vaping device, which can be easily adjusted using the rotating wheel. Wattage can be adjusted from 6.5-12.5w in single watt increments. Battery Level Indicator: It comes with the latest Tri-colour technology: Green = Fully Charged, Yellow = 50% Charged, Red = Needs charging. Additional Safety features include: short circuit/atomizer protection and reverse battery protection. It has an on/off switch and a 10 second safety shut off. WARNING: Using poor quality or incompatible batteries and chargers can seriously affect performance and result in the product malfunctioning. We only recommend the use of high-quality Nightcore chargers and Efest batteries.