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CS Coil Head for the CS Clearomizers 

Compatible with the CS Tank (Arc Mini) and GS Tank (Arc 4).

Available in 2 ohms (1.5 and 0.75ohm) and sold singularly or as a 5 pack mulitbuy.

0.15ohm: The dual coil set up spreads the load allowing the atomizer heads to be used at higher wattages and voltages.

0.75ohmA resistance of 0.75ohm and a pure cotton wick, these atomizer heads are ideal for any CS compatible tank. Full flavour and vapour production as well as compatibility with a wide range of tanks.

The CS Coils are easy to replace by simply unscrewing the base of the tank, removing the old atomizer and screwing in a new one. This process can be carried out with e-liquid still in the CS Air Atomizer Tank. The ridges on the base and the atomizer head allow for a better grip when changing the CS Air Atomizer head or re-filling with e-liquid.

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