Under the buttery bright vanilla summer moon on the creamy coast of Santa Maria del Mar, you’re watching the warm waves roll in. With sweet sounds of rumba in the distance, you reach for your mod to relish in the rarity of a truly classic full flavored Cuban cigar infused with a warm top note of buttery vanilla custard, rounded off with a hint of spice, sweet caramelized brown sugar and honey for the finish. In a flash, you take another deep pull and instantly you’re ready for whatever the night brings. Cubano Silver, you chillin’ yet?

Zero Nicotine

Strengths available: 0mg - to change to 3mg Nicotine strength, simply add 1 x 10ml Nic shot (18mg) and shake.

Please note: although once the Nic Shot has been added you can vape your Short Fill e-liquid straight away - the longer you leave it to 'steep' the more improved flavour you will have. We ideally recommend adding your nic shot and over the following few days shaking the bottle each day, and leaving to steep.