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A popular disposable clearomizer by Diamond Mist. The CE4 clearomizer at 1.8ohm is designed to work with all standard Ego type batteries, and comes with a 1.6ml e-liquid capacity.


1 x CE4 Clearomizer

Available in Black only

The CE4 has a sealed, screw closed tip to prevent leaking and the longer wicks draw E-liquid from deeper in the tank, to prevent problems of 'dry hitting' (which reduced the life of the clearomizer) and removing any unpleasant taste. The CE4 can be refilled many times before wearing out and life expectancy varies between users, but should last several weeks before a replacement is needed.

How to use your CE4:

1) Unscrew the drip tip from the CE4 Clearomizer and fill tank to the fill line with E-Liquid by gently pouring down the inside wall of the tank at a slight angle. Be careful not to pour e-liquid into the central metal tube (as this tube is for airflow).

2) Screw the drip tip back in and enjoy!** We recommend waiting approximately 20 Seconds for the E-Liquid to saturate the wick before Vaping on first use.**