Introducing The Vampire Vape Dot Pro Vape Kit

The Vampire Vape Dot Pro vape kit offers a good introduction to vaping and simple to use and maintain. Powered by a built-in 350mAh battery it is compact and features a classic pen design. By using prefilled E-liquid pods you won't have to worry about refilling or fiddly upkeep. With simplicity in mind, Vampire Vape has created a device that is activated by inhaling on it.


  • Complete Vape Starter Kit
  • 350mAh Battery
  • Inhale Activated
  • Prefilled 2ml Pod
  • Compact and Simple

Designed for use every day, the Dot Pro kit’s battery will offer up to a full day of vaping when fully charged. This all-day vaping capability and compact design mean this kit can be used wherever you are. An innovative air-drive system gives you full control over exactly how you vape, inhaling on the mouthpiece produces a small, manageable amount of vapour.

Each kit comes complete with a 2ml pod prefilled with e-liquid, this means you have everything you need to start vaping. There are three different starter kits available, each of which features a different flavour E-liquid pod. All E-liquids feature a 20mg nicotine strength and use salt nicotine which creates a smooth throat hit when vaped.

Available Flavours:

Pinkman - which features a fusion of grapefruit, lemon and orange for a blend that plays between sharp and sweet.

Tobacco - which comes with a strong tobacco taste with a soothing and creamy almond undertone.

Heisenberg - featuring bold mixed fruits with aniseed and a chilling menthol undertone.


  • 1 x Dot Pro 350mAh Device
  • 1 x Prefilled Vampire Vape E-liquid Pod (2ml)
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

Please Note: As an added option for this pod kit, we also sell extra packs of 2 x Dot Pro flavoured prefilled/replacement pods and are available Here