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Specifically designed for use with drippers (or tanks able to take thicker eliquid) Strawberry Whip flavour by Element E-Liquid is enough to send your imagination into hyper drive as it inspires images of frolicking through summer fields with the sun beating down on your face as you run through the long grass with carefree abandon. In case summer imagery isn’t enough for you, the flavour is so accurately recreated that if you close your eyes you might forget whether you are vaping or eating real freshly picked strawberries. Element E-Liquid can make such high quality juices thanks to their exclusive use of Pharma USP grade ingredients, and these Premium Dripper juices all have a higher concentration of Vegetable Glycerin and less nicotine which helps them produce the purest and most dense clouds possible. 20ml Bottle available in our most popular 6mg and 3mg Nicotine Strengths