Introducing The Elf Bar Mate 500 - P1 Prefilled Pods

The Elf Bar Prefilled E-liquid P1 pods are created for use with the new Elf Bar Mate 500 Battery Device. The P1 Prefilled Pods are filled with the best flavours from the Elf Bar Disposable range.

The Elf Bar Pods come pre-filled with 2ml of 20mg nicotine salt E-liquid for a smooth and satisfying vape. There is no need to worry about coils or re-filling, once the pod has been used up simply dispose of it and replace it with a new one.

To use, first push the red plastic seal at the base of the pod up into the pod. This is a leak-proof system designed to keep the coil and liquid separate during transit. insert the pod into the device and you can start vaping! Simply puff to activate.

These pods feature a special airlock system in order to keep the E-liquid fresh. When you open a new pod, push upwards on the plastic seal and make sure to wait ten seconds before you start vaping. The seal separates the coil from the E-liquid, for freshness and leak prevention during transportation and storage.

Available Flavours:

Banana: Is a bold and sweet Banana flavour from start to finish, with an added touch of Ice help it go down smoothly. It's rich and creamy, yet light at the same time.

Blueberry: Is a blend of sweet and juicy mixed Red Berries on the inhale, followed by a burst of zesty citrus Lemonade and a touch of cooling Ice on the exhale for a refreshing all day vape.

Blueberry Raspberry: Is a hearty, sweet fusion of ripe, punchy Blueberries blended with the rich taste of Raspberries for a delightfully refreshing all-day vape flavour.

Blue Razz Lemonade: Is a tasty blend of sweet Blue Raspberries flavour layered with zesty citrus notes of Lemonade on the inhale, balanced by a touch of cooling Ice on the exhale for a refreshing, sweet and sour vape.

ColaThis flavour is evocative of a freshly opened can of Cola poured over a glass of Ice for that classic fresh-from-the-fridge taste.

Cotton Candy: Enjoy the sweet taste of fresh candy floss in a tantalising vape.

Cream Tobacco: Delivers a classic Tobacco flavour on the inhale, followed by a warm and sweet Cream on the exhale for the ultimate all-day tobacco vape.

Energy: Is a sweet Energy Drink flavoured with fizzy and subtle Icy notes through a refreshing and energising vape.

Grape: This flavour takes sweet and juicy tasting fruit and turns it into a vape. The rich taste of grapes runs throughout.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava: Is a tropical medley of tart Kiwi and sweet Passionfruit on the inhale, layered with a creamy Guava on the exhale for a balanced and exotic all day vape.

Mango: Is a blend of sun blushed, juicy and sweet Mangos on the inhale, complemented by a touch of cooling Ice on the exhale for a refreshing and tropical all day vape.

Peach Ice: A sweet blend of exotic peaches are chilled on ice to perfection.

Pink Lemonade: Is a blend of sweet and juicy mixed Red Berries on the inhale, followed by a burst of zesty citrus Lemonade and a touch of cooling Ice on the exhale for a refreshing all day vape.

Strawberry: Brings you a sweet, mouth-watering taste of Strawberries layered with notes of cooling Ice in every puff! Sweet but not too sweet, icy but not too icy, the perfect balance for the ultimate all-day flavour!

Strawberry Banana: Is a perfect combination of sweet strawberries and fresh bananas.

Strawberry Ice Cream: Is a medley of sweet strawberries mixed into a creamy ice cream.

Watermelon: Is a tropical blend of sweet and juicy red Watermelon on the inhale, complemented by a cooling Ice on the exhale for a tasty and refreshing vape.


  • 2 x Elf Bar P1 Prefilled Pods In Each Pack