SKU: HOHMTECH-18650--D10b

Hohm Tech emphasized on safety while still be focused on chart-topping performance, all Hohm Tech Cells come standard with Unique Authenticity codes or are equipped with the proprietary embossed power guard to eliminate counterfeits.


1 x Hohm Work 2 18650 Battery (2547mAh) 


The Hohm Work2 battery is the go to battery for power demanding devices, featuring a true and accurate 2547mAh capacity while still boasting an impressive 25.3A Continuous discharge rating if that's not impressive enough the Hohm Work 2 battery can be charged at a tested/proven 3.82A rating. 

Phenomenal amperage delivery to drive power demanding devices.

These batteries certainly exceed all previous designs and chemistry resulting in greater amperage and capacity. 

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Batteries/Cells, when used incorrectly or mistreated, can be very dangerous, when purchasing this product please ensure that you are familiar with battery safety. Best4ecigs cannot be held liable for injury to person(s) or property or any other form of loss or damage caused by improper use of these products. 



    - Do not over-charge or over-discharge your battery
    - Only use a battery charger designed for the battery cells you are charging
    - Do not leave your battery on charge overnight
    - Recharge drained batteries ASAP
    - Do not short circuit
    - Do not dispose of in fire
    - Do not expose to extreme heat or water
    - Never carry loose batteries - they should be cased when not in use