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Convenient magnetic charging without have to take your e-cig apart. Magnum 650 Cartridge E-Cigarette kit The Magnum 650 E-Cigarette kit includes the new magnetic charging e-cigarette, with a powerful 650 mAh battery. The battery comes with a magentic design - so that you can conveniently charge your ecig (without taking it apart) and tri colour technology, so you can see the battery life with each puff. The Magnum 650 E-Cig Kit includes: 1 x Rechargeable Magnum Battery (650 mah) 1 x Kanger CE4 Clearomizer1 x USB Charger1 x Mains USB Charger1 x pack (of 5) Refill Cartridges, in the flavour of your choice (approx 125 cigarettes)

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