Magnum 650 Universal Kit Magnum 650 Universal Kit We are pleased to launch the highly popular Magnum battery in a Universal Kit - ideal for those new to e-cigarettes wanting to try both cartridges and e-liquid. Not only is the Magnum a long lasthing 650mAh battery, but it also comes with a magnetic touch charge end making charging of the battery so much more convenient. Supplied with both E-liquid and Cartridges in our most popular Tobacco High flavour (1.6%) Kit includes: 1 x Magnum 650 Battery (in Black or Chrome) 1 x USB Magentic Disc Charger 1 x CE4 Disposable Clearomizer 1 x Cartridge Cone 2 x Tobacco High Refill Cartridges (equivalent to approx 50 traditional cigs) 1 x 10ml Bottle of Tobacco High E-liquid (equivalent to approx 200 traditional cigs)