Peppermint Tobacco Nic Salt Pre-Filled Cartridges by Vype (2 Pack)

A fresh peppermint with a toasted tobacco flavour.

Nicotine Salt E-liquid ('Nic Salt') is smoother than standard e-liquids, without losing any of the nicotine strength. When using Salt Nicotine you'll experience an intense but smoother throat hit, compared to regular e-liquids.

Available in 18mg High Strength


  • Two-pack of Peppermint Tobacco ePod Cartridges
  • Approximately 275 puffs per pod
  • Each pod contains 1.9ml E-liquid


  • 2 x Vype ePod Peppermint Tobacco Salt Nic Cartridges


Only compatible with the Vype ePod Kit