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Hemp Oil, High Octane 100. Unflavoured, pure hemp oil in a 100mg CBD strength. CBD High Octane Hemp concentrate is pure, unflavoured hemp oil with only high concentrations of CBD. Designed so you can make your own tincture or concoction of flavours. You can add a few drops or as many drops to your own favourite liquid or e-liquid. Can also be taken orally. Add a few drops to a spoonful of honey or a tablespoon of fruit juice for example. In a 100mg CBD strength. A step up from CBD 50, providing double the strength of pure CBD concentrate. For more serious applications, many increased strengths are available. Mixing tips and advice You can use as much or as little CBD as you like when mixing but please note that the oil is very concentrated and can overpower flavours when too much is added. You may wish to start with one or two drops. The Cloud 9 Hemp range provides the best and purest CBD hemp e-liquid available with ingredients sourced domestically and locally. All Cloud 9 products are made in the USA. The CBD is first sourced from a specific strain of hemp known for its high cannabidiol potency before being laboratory tested in the USA to ensure it meets the highest standards of purity on the market. Flavours are extracted from base ingredients. Cloud 9 Hemp's proprietary e-liquid / e-juice blend works with any of the current tanks or traditional cartomizers on the market.

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