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One of the Pods have been opened, hence the reduced sale price.

JUUL Starter Kit - With 4 Pods 

The JUUL pod starter kit is both a stylish and sleek pocket-sized vaping device. It aims to keep everything as easy-to-use and simple as possible. No buttons or switches featured on the device. It is as simple as popping an e-liquid filled pod in and start vaping.

JUUL now available in the UK!

Starting out with the vision of creating a satisfying alternative to cigarettes, JUUL has since taken the US by storm and now find themselves landing over here in the UK!

The Starter Kit features four JUUL prefilled e-liquid pods, all of which come in 1.7% nicotine by weight (20mg of nicotine) and provides around 200 puffs per refill. With the flavours of these pods ranging from the likes of Golden Tobacco to Glacial Mint, there’s sure to be a flavour that’ll best suit your taste-buds!

So, if you’re looking for a mouth to lung vape device that features a simple interface, thorough flavour variety and lack of lingering smell, JUUL stand head and shoulders above all else.


  • JUUL Vape Device
  • JUUL USB Charger
  • JUUL Pods (Golden Tobacco, Glacial Mint, Mango Nectar, and Royal Creme)

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