Introducing the Smok Nord Coils

Specially designed for use with Smok’s innovative new Nord pod kit, these durable high-temperature resistant coils offer a wonderfully versatile vaping experience and allow you to use the kit as both a sub ohm and a classic device, depending on your specific preferences.

Use the Nord Mesh coil to facilitate deliciously-flavourful direct-lung vaping (DTL), similar to the experience of vaping with a sub-ohm kit. Rated at 0.6ohms, this coil is capable of generating thick vapour packed with clear, intense flavour which is quickly delivered and evenly distributed thanks to the coil’s mesh surface area.

The standard Nord coil is rated at 1.4ohms and is ideal for ‘classic-style’ mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping which is similar to the inhalation style of a traditional cigarette. This coil choice is ideal for anyone attempting to quit smoking as it mimics the sensation of a cigarette while offering all the convenience and portability of a re-fillable pod system.

The 0.6ohm Mesh coil has been designed for sub-ohm vaping, with each coil having mesh technology and a larger surface area, this heats the liquid quicker and faster, for improved flavour and vapour production. They should be used with liquid of 60% VG or higher.


Compatible With The Following Devices:

  • Smok Nord Pod Kit
  • Smok Nord 2 Pod Kit
  • Smok Nord AIO 19 Vape Pen
  • Smok Nord AIO 22 Vape Pen
  • Smok Priv N19 Vape Pen
  • Smok Trinity Alpha Pod Kit


Contents Includes either:

  • Pack of 5 x 0.6ohm Mesh Coil (DTL)
  • Pack of 5 x 1.4ohm Regular Coils (MTL)