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Smok TFV4 Coil Heads

Sold singularly or in a pack of 5 (with multibuy discount)

Compatible with the TFV4 and TFV4 Mini TFV4 Triple T3 Coil Head: Featuring three coils each in a separate tube, with an ideal heat insulation.

Resistance 0.2ohm (40-130 watts) TFV4-T3 Triple Coil Head: At 31mm tall with a 16mm diameter, the TF-T3 coil head is one of the biggest on the market. These massive pre-built atomizers are rated at 0.2 ohm – a real cloud-chasing machine that can fire up to a whopping 130 watts of power. You can vape at a minimum of 40 watts but these coils taste really great and produce plenty of vapor at 75 watts or higher. Please note that TF-T3 coils can rapidly drain your battery and deplete your juice

Resistance 0.35ohm (30-90 watts) TF-CLP2 Dual Clapton Coil Head: Featuring four coils, with ideal heat insulation effect.

Resistance 0.15ohm (40-140 watts). TF-Q4 Quadruple Coil Head: Gives you the biggest vapor out of all TFV4 coils. SMOK's revolutionary coil design offers a massive surface area to create a cloud of dense, flavorful vapor perfect for cloud chasers.

Resistance 0.16ohm (60 - 180 watts)  TF-T8 Octuple clapton coil core and is best used between 100 and 140 watts.