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Tutti Fruity e-liquid in a VG blend. Capturing the essence of many different fruits to bring you a tasty fruit sensation. Other fruit flavours available.

Available in 70/30 PG Mix in Zero Strength

This eliquid best before date is January 19- HOWEVER

Like the expiration date on milk, the expiration date on an e-juice bottle is merely just a suggestion. It is not a fact that the day after the expiration date the e-liquid will become dangerous to vape. The date is just a recommendation to use up the juice fast or throw it away. No, it isn’t dangerous to vape expired e-juice, nor is it bad for your health. It is simply a recommendation by the producer. This answer settles a major myth in the vaping community on if vaping expired vape juice is dangerous for your health.

When the date becomes expired, several things happen to an e-juice:

  • One thing that happens is that the taste slowly fades away.
  • Another thing that happens is that the smell will slowly fade.
  • The color of the e-liquid might change.
  • The bottle also might become slightly tinted.
  • One big thing is that the nicotine might also fade away. This is very important to smokers who have transited to vaping to still fulfill their addiction but do not want the bad health effects of smoking cigarettes.

These are signs that it is time to throw away the bottle of liquid because it’s expired and shouldn’t be vaped.

One way to offset these bad effects of aging is to make sure to keep your e-liquid in a dark, room temperature place. The liquid that you aren’t using every day should be shaken. These simple steps can really help your e-liquid last much longer. It might even delay the expiration, which should be the goal of every vaper.